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Actualité criminologie

    REPORTAGE : le serial killer Brandon Lavergne avoue des meurtres pour échapper à la peine de mort
    Etats-Unis > serial killer, viol, disparition, police scientifique
    Article posté par Stéphane Bourgoin le Samedi 18 août 2012

    Suspecté du meurtre de Mickey Shunick en Louisiane, un agresseur sexuel multirécidiviste a non seulement avoué son assassinat mais aussi celui de Lisa Pate en 1999.
    Il est suspecté d'un autre forfait lié à la disparition d'une adolescente, Alexandria Lowitzer, au Texas.
    A son domicile, les enquêteurs ont découvert un grand nombre de papiers d'identité appartenant à des jeunes femmes.
    Ci-dessous, un article de Chelsea Hoffmann pour le site Gather.com :
    " The suspect in the Mickey Shunick disappearance and murder may very well be connected to the disappearance of a teenager from Spring, Texas, in 2010. Her name was Alexandria "Ali" Lowitzer, and in the two years that her case has been active, it seems that the evidence in leading to a positive conclusion is just out of reach—that is, of course, until very recently. Brandon Scott Lavergne may have very well been behind this beautiful young girl's disappearance as well. Would you be surprised if he was? Probably not if you know of this man's history and the crimes of which he is accused.
    The mother of Ali Lowitzer spoke exclusively for this Gather News article over a week ago regarding the details behind the Mickey Shunick disappearance/murder and the unsolved case of her own young daughter. Now it appears that the theories shared with Jo Ann Lowitzer are getting serious attention by investigators—and that's a very, very good thing! A private investigator for the Lowitzer family has uncovered information that could put Brandon Scott Lavergne right in the area around the time Ali vanished. What's more, the mother acknowledges that someone saw her talking to someone driving a white truck just before she vanished without a trace.
    Brandon Scott Lavergne has family ties to the Spring, Texas, area—which is also where he dumped his white pickup truck, setting it aflame, just before he was charged in the Michaela Shunick's disappearance. As stated in the previously linked article about these cases' similarities, serial killers have places of comfort where they like to do their hunting, disposing and cooling down in anticipation of their next strikes.
    At the time of Ali Lowitzer's disappearance, Brandon Lavergne was the owner of a white GMC 2005 extended cab truck with the very same description and plate numbers given by a tipster back in 2010 regarding Ali's disappearance.
    Is the Mickey Shunick suspect a serial killer?
    Well, if he's in fact connected to the disappearance (and presumed murder) of Ali Lowitzer, that would make three known victims; Shunick and Lisa Pate being two of them. It's known that detectives found several women's ID cards in the possession of the Swords, Louisiana, man. Brandon Scott Lavergne most certainly possesses serial killer tendencies, and if he is proven to be connected to the disappearance of Lowitzer, that further proves it.
    Hopefully authorities in Louisiana take interest in the possibility. It would be nice to see them get that man for as many counts as possible. It is also likely there are more victims, but nobody has come forward with any more information on missing loved ones or unsolved murders."
    Pour visionner le reportage de KATC NEWS, cliquez sur le lien SOURCE.


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