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    Cet homme a-t-il une tête de serial killer ? + REPORTAGE
    Etats-Unis > serial killer
    Article posté par Stéphane Bourgoin le Mardi 24 juillet 2012

    Jeffrey Paul Cutlip, 63 ans, qui réside depuis un an dans un hôtel de Brownsville au Texas, vient d'avouer quatre meurtres commis entre 1975 et 1993, pour la plupart à Portland, dans l'Oregon.
    Condamné à de multiples reprises pour des viols et agressions sexuelles, Cutlip s'est présenté au commissariat local pour faire des aveux de manière spontanée.
    Voici un article du "Brownsville Herald" en date du 23 juillet :
    " Man, 63, confesses to murders from 35 years ago
    July 23, 2012 10:58 PM
    By LAURA B. MARTINEZ/The Brownsville Herald.
    Some 35 years after he allegedly killed two people in Portland, Ore., 63-year-old Jeffery Paul Cutlip wanted to talk to someone about the crimes.
    Cutlip called up the Brownsville Police Department over the weekend and told the officer he had done some bad things in the past and wanted to talk about them, authorities said.
    Police did not think they would be listening to a murder confession dating back to the 1970s. Confessions of this type rarely happen, said police spokesman Billy Killebrew on Monday.
    “It’s very rare for someone to come in and say I’ve done this, this and this 40 years ago. It is really not usually handed to us in that matter. It is very rare that someone comes in and starts confessing to several things they’ve done or have been responsible for,” Killebrew said.
    What Cultip ended up talking about was some crimes he allegedly committed in Portland, some 2,395 miles away, police said.
    The crimes he referred to were several murders he said he committed in Oregon back in the 1970s.
    As the local detectives listened to information provided by Cutlip, they determined it was necessary to contact Portland authorities, Killebrew said.
    Cutlip was detained by local police until detectives with the Portland Police Bureau Cold Case Homicide Unit arrived in Brownsville to question him about the homicides. They questioned Cutlip for several hours before placing him under arrest. He had been a person of interest in the crimes in Portland.
    According to the Portland Police Department, Cutlip was arrested in connection with homicides referred to as “cold cases” that occurred in 1975 and 1977. Details of these particular cases are expected to be release at a later time.
    Authorities are not saying much as to what prompted the 63-year-old man to make a confession after all these years and whether he could be linked to other crimes. “He may have wanted to get something off his chest,” Killebrew said.
    Cutlip was being detained at the Cameron County Jail pending his extradition back to Oregon to face the charges.
    Oregon Department of Corrections records show Cutlip has spent most of the past three decades behind bars, in and out of prison for crimes including sodomy, burglary and robbery, the Associated Press reported. He was required to register as a sex offender following a 1982 sodomy conviction. State sex offender records label him a “predator” and say he targets adult female strangers using threats and weapons to gain compliance.
    Cutlip has been living in Brownsville for about a year, staying at a downtown hotel and at an adult daycare. He was arrested by Brownsville police in April for failing to register as a sex offender."
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    Re : Cet homme a-t-il une tête de serial killer ? + REPORTAGE
    Commentaire posté par milodragovitch le Mardi 24 juillet 2012
    Une tête de serial killer, je sais pas, en attendant il me fait penser à "l'oncle Léo" dans la série Seinfeld :

    Re : Cet homme a-t-il une tête de serial killer ? + REPORTAGE
    Commentaire posté par gege05 le Mardi 24 juillet 2012
    Ou Francis Heaulme...

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