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Actualité criminologie

    Alleged cannibal arrested, torso of 5-month-old recovered
    Asie > cannibalisme, infanticide
    Article posté par Stéphane Bourgoin le Vendredi 13 mai 2005

    " A 40-year-old suspected cannibal was today arrested from Yamuna Bazar area in North Delhi after the torso of a 5-month-old girl was found from his bag.
    The man, who seems to be dumb, was arrested close to Hariharan Anand Public School in Yamuna Bazar area at about 1230 hrs after a boy spotted the toe of a child 'peeping out' from the bag he was carrying, said a police official.
    When chided by the boy to release the 'kidnapped' child, the accused started hitting the boy which was challenged by a shopkeeper, Sher Khan, on whose shop the boy worked.
    Soon he was pinned down by Sher Khan and the police called which took him to the Kashmere Gate police station.
    On search of his bag the body of the a girl child was found, with its head and arms chopped off.
    He seems to be a wanderer and looks like he cannot speak, the officer said.
    ''Despite several attempts the man did not utter a word,'' he elaborated.
    Also, as no fresh blood or blood mark has been found with the body or on the bag, we presume the 'killing' or 'digging' of the child, which is what generally cannibals do, might have been done at least 12-14 hours before, the officer informed.
    ''We have not been able to identify his credentials,'' he added.
    Later, the shopkeeper said that the man was sometimes seen wandering about in the area with weird clothes on and often seen picking puppies and frogs from nearby areas."

Source : WEBINDIA123.COM (13 mai 2005)

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